Are you buying baby clothes for the first time and are unsure what size a newborn baby needs? Most of our customers start with size 50 or 56, but we also have clothing sets for preemies. From week 34 of pregnancy, the gynecologist can help determine whether the baby is more likely to be bigger / longer or smaller / shorter. Provided the child is born around the calculated due date.


The intervals between baby clothes in the first few years are always 6cm and the smallest size starts at 44 cm. Do you want to know which clothes are useful for a newborn and how many of them you need? Here you can find our newborn guide for baby clothes, which we developed together with midwives.

Babies outgrow up to 7 clothing sizes in their first year. Precisely because you need a new wardrobe every 6-8 weeks, it is worth renting the clothes instead of stowing them away in the basement almost unused. With our bundle subscription you can change to the next size at any time and at no extra charge. Wear and tear is insured and delivery and returns are free. At OÏOÏOÏ we have sizes from EU 44 - 92, all for babies' first years.






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